What We Are

A safe place to discuss LGBT issues anonymously. If you've ever felt alone, we have people that have been through what you've been through. Our mentors have grown up in the Midwest, are active duty military, are transgender, and have been elite level athletes. A place to find a mentor. Someone that will stick by you through thick and thin. We are not a website that wants your information. In fact, the less information we have about you, the better!

What We Aren't

Who We Are

AnonyMouse is a website that will revolutionize the way people seek anonymous help. We focus on online and mobile SMS based communications. We hope to spark an anonymous conversation between you and a mentor in order to foster a relationship. While the initial focus is for the LGBT community, we have aspirations to expand our services to other demographics to assist in other causes.

Our Story

The impetus for AnonyMouse was born out of one of our founder's own struggles. As a closeted athlete in college with a long term girlfriend, he struggled with finding someone to talk to while in the closet. He needed advice but nothing anonymous existed that didn't involve sex, dating, or crises.

He ended up turning to Craigslist to find a mentor. Obviously a dangerous move in retrospect, it seemed like the only option at the time. Fast forward a few years and he realized the service he never had still didn't exist. He decided something needed to be done so he created AnonyMouse to prevent future generations from resorting to similarly dangerous methods. He hopes that AnonyMouse will help alleviate issues so that no one will feel as alone as he once did.

The Team

Aaron Moy (founder)

Aashay Desai (founder)

Micah Wolfe (design)

Thank You!

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